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What is the difference between the snapshot and the non-snapshot?

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The non-snapshot is considered a "stable release". It can have issues, but I try to fix any serious ones and release a new version (like 1.4.1 and 1.4.2), but those versions mostly won't contain new features.

In the meantime, I'm developing new features for the next release (currently Tiled 1.5). The snapshots are regular development builds that enable people to benefit from the features that have already been implemented as well as to help testing them.


Usefull tool, we are actively using it for our Game. 

For GameMaker Studio you have to use GMTiled, however it is supporting only GM:S 2.2.x, not 2.3. Any plan for in-bulit export function for GM:S 2.3?


Amazing program.  Desperately needs a properly-implemented undo for 'close dialog' however.  One accidental mouseclick regularly causes 20 minutes of furious experimentation, restarting, and manual reading.


Would it be possible to sign the MacOS build with a signing certificate from Apple? The policy on my work Mac won't let me open it otherwise :(


Unfortunately it's not possible without paying Apple as far as I know. However, since Tiled is open source you could build it yourself to use it on your work Mac. There are instructions in the


Indeed, it requires  a paid developer account (~100 $/mo). Is that a blocker?


Well, it's hard for me to justify paying Apple to get its operating system to trust Tiled. No other operating system requires such a fee. Maybe it would be worth it if I was selling software on the App Store, but Tiled is free. If I would charge for it on the App Store I would be misleading users into thinking they need to pay for it, and Apple would screw me over further by taking a whopping 30% cut.

If enough of my supporters care about this I could consider paying the $100/year fee. Until then, since Tiled is free software, you should be able to compile it yourself by following the linked instructions.

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It's a little easier than compiling from source to run unsigned on OSX (for most people; this might not apply to the work laptop case from the OP, but in case anyone else finds this...)

You can also run the precompiled software on osx by opening Finder > Applications (or whereever you installed it), right clicking the Tiled icon > left clicking `Open`, and then telling it "yes I really meant to open this software". You may have to try running it twice for the OS to give you the correct dialog, after which it's trusted.

Note you *can't* open the app with a doubleclick or the return key to get this dialog the first time (the normal "run this app" gestures; more details).

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You should be able to override this setting. After you get this alert go to Security & Privacy in System Preferences and there should be an option allowing you to open the program.

Nope, company policy doesn't allow that.

Okay, work laptop not personal.

Hey I know Im a month late and Im not sure if someone has mentioned this yet, but Mac actually has a way to bypass this. What works for me is to right click on the app and then click open. For some reason after doing this your Mac should register it as safe and you can use it normally. Also be sure to check in System Preferences > Security and check to see if there is some kind of "allow access" checkbox at the bottom, make sure it is checked, and that should do the trick :)

Hold Control and right click, then while having control pressed select Open in the context menu.

You should then be able to open it.

You should click on the question mark button in the left corner and follow its direction.

Is there an "eyedropper" tool that I can use in the editor where I select the tile in the map and it can highlight the tile in the tileset? 


Yes, right-clicking while having the Stamp Brush will capture the tile (or a dragged rectangular area of tiles) from the map, so you can paint with it as well as see it selected in the Tilesets view. Since Tiled 1.4, this will also change the currently selected tileset when all tiles are from another tileset.

Oh that's awesome! I'll have to give that a try. I had a really large tileset with very similar looking tiles and was struggling to quickly identify the tile in the tileset from a tile on the map.

Deleted 64 days ago

Hey, sorry, you won't let me download because it will be that you won't let me, I'm sorry if it's misspelled, it's that I'm using google translator

I'm not sure what you mean. If you're having trouble downloading Tiled from, try


I love this program- But one thing that REALLY gets on my nerves is that after I install tiled, I cannot delete the shortcut from the desktop. It just won't let me. It doesn't give me the option to NOT make one either.

Can you change this, please?


I was never too happy that this shortcut was unconditional either (though normally you should be able to delete it). In the latest installer (Tiled 1.4.2) there is a checkbox that you can uncheck to avoid the creation of the desktop shortcut. It only took me about half a day to make this small change to the installer... :S

To remove this (and other) all users shortcuts from the desktop, go to:


That is the "all users on this computer" copy of the desktop - stuff there will appear on all user desktops, and can't be deleted from individual user desktops.  However, you can remove them from this folder - and then that'll remove it from every user's desktop (but won't impact any shortcuts they established themselves).


You, my dude or dudette, are a freaking hero.

May I ask one question? Will Tiled Map Editor support the following game language in the near future? Many experienced developers are using the programming language.,19.0.html

You may want to get into contact with @axgs judging by his comment three days ago. If you make a solution that's useful for others, please let me know so we can add a link to this page in the Tiled manual.

Ok, I see. Thank you!

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Really great tool for editing tile maps. I work on my current project and I use TILED for creating my level maps (3 tile layers and 1 object layer).  Very intuitive user interface, pure fun to design tiled based levels. This editor should be the 1st choice! I wrote a my own TMX-file loader in BLITZMAX for loading and rendering tile maps.

best greetings


A lot of BlitzMax game developers are at SyntaxBomb but no one uses this Tiled Map Editor. Your TMX-file loader sounds very excellent! May I ask a question? Any chance to allow other people to use this excellent loader? Thanks a lot. 

Hi rcbasicfans, I added a new project to my itch account with the BlitzMAX source code of my TILED-MapEditor TMX-Loader. It´s a simple approach and need some further additions. But the basics are working fine. I wrote this class for my puzzle game project. Greetings AXGS  P.S. rare comments in the source code are in german, because my native language is german.


Hello, thank you very much.  Actually, my programming knowledge is limited. I will look into your program closely. Thanks again!!!

One more thing, I see a new member's name on the homepage of SyntaxBomb today. This description:

"Latest Member: axg74" 

axg74  is similar to axgs. Perhaps you registered. I want to remind you that new member needs to write at least one post because of this:,7506.msg347040546.html#msg347040546

Thanks again!!! Bye!

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This is a great tool.
Have been using it, quite a bit, and I really love its flexibility.
If you are working with tiles, definitely, check it out!

hi, after starting the download I get errors 2502 and 2503 and I can't install Tiled. Why??

Sorry, I don't know what those numbers mean. Can you report the issue on GitHub and include a screenshot of the error?

If only this could be possible on iOS and/or Android.

Is it possible that this would work? If it does work, then I would be ecstatic!

Tiled can't run on a phone or tablet as-is, since the UI is not suitable for use on a touchscreen. I do hope to make a start on a new interface later this year that also works on touchscreens. In the meantime, on Android there is NotTiled, which isn't Tiled, but it aims to be fully compatible.

I have problems to download the archive in windows 10

What kind of problems?

It says that is a virus

That's odd. Can you show a screenshot?

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This is Great it's super easy to use and is very effectiant it also works great with GB studio 10/10

Thanks! I'm just curious, but are you just exporting maps as image to GB Studio or is there also support for using some of Tiled's annotation features in your GB Studio game?

Why not 32 bit? SMH

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Do you mean for Windows? In that case, the Windows XP build is 32-bit and can be used on newer versions of Windows as well.

Yea, that's what I meant. I wasn't sure since some XP specific software doesn't work with Win7 nor newer versions of Windows. Thanks for clearing that up.

Trying to use this with Haxe Flixel, but every tutorial is about 4 years out of date T.T .

Map size "48 48" reoresents pixeka, tiles  bruah size?

What is naximun map size?

Map size represents the amount of tiles on its tile layers. In the New Map dialog the resulting size in pixels is displayed as well. There is practically no maximum size.

Hello! I successfully downloaded and installed the software to my Mac, but when I click on the application it fails to launch and give me an error message reading:

“Tiled” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

I have tried lowering the security setting on my Mac for launching applications, but even the lowest tier seems to require the developer to be registered with Apple. I was wondering if the developer is registered, or if there is some way I could remedy this issue? I've heard great things about this application and I am very eager to give it a try! :D


Try right clicking on the app using Finder and then click open


Wow... That worked right away and was a remarkably easy fix. Thank you! :D

Attempting to run the program gets the following error:

The procedure entry point _ZN5Tiled17FileSystemWatcher12filesChangedERK11QStringList could not be located in the dynamic link library (Current location of file)

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This indicates that tiled.dll and tiled.exe are incompatible, which can happen due to a yet unknown problem with the Windows installer. You can fix it by uninstalling all versions of Tiled and then installing the version you want to use again. Sorry for the trouble!

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A suggestion: add pugixml (C++ lib) for reading back the tiled maps to your recommendations. Its much more lightweight than the others you recommend on your site and has easier to understand + free to use license. No extra external dependencies and very easy to use.

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Hmm, PugiXML is just an XML parsing library. The purpose of the list is to link to solutions specifically made for reading Tiled maps (and they're not actually recommendations since I haven't tried most of them, it's just a reference). I think there are better resources available for choosing a suitable C++ XML library, like this question on SO (though being from 2012 it may be out of date). Also, somebody may have a favorite XML parsing library in each language and it would quickly add up.

Just a tip. Yes, Pugi is only an XML parsing library, but that is pretty much all you need (my opinon - others may vary). I guess one could go with tinyXML2 too. The ones refed just struck me as having both zlib + bsd license and extra dependencies (ex zlib and tinyXML) that seems a bit unnecessary to do such a simple task.

I entirely agree that an XML parsing library is usually all you need, and of course it has the added benefit that you don't depend on a 3rd party software package to get updated when something new is added to the TMX map format. Maybe it's worth adding a note about this to the documentation.


Hello- thank you again for this amazing free software! I deeply respect the work you've put into this and will be supporting development as best I can with donations. One question, though- I'm considering taking commissions for maps (for ttrpgs and the like). Is Tiled an acceptable software to use for profit in such a manner?


Thank you for your kind words and support! Tiled is free as in freedom so you can use it for any purpose, including commercial services. Btw, do you know a good set of art for making ttrpg maps?


en verdad gracias, por ahora lo utilizare gratis pero apenas que tenga unos ingresos pienso donar para contribuir a la comunidad en el desarrollo de herramientas, como en este caso. gracias en verdad


Hi Thorbjorn,

I've bought your editor (it works great!) and Im using it for my AstroDucks games. Can I redistribute the tiled editor with my game or is there some other way I can make it possible for players to use it? I think a great aspect is that people can make their own maps for the game.



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Hey Jimmie,

Thank you so much for your purchase and I'm glad to hear Tiled works great for you!

You're definitely welcome to redistribute Tiled along with your game, since Tiled is distributed as free software under the terms of the GPL, version 2 or later. You can even distribute a modified version, as long as you distribute it under the same terms (which also means making available the modified source code). Read the license for the full details. :-)


So is this for Unity, Godot engines or what?   

Tiled is a level editing tool that is independent of any particular engine or framework, but there are many that support Tiled maps either directly or through a 3rd party library/plugin. Check out the libraries and frameworks page for a list.


I wanted to ask because maybe I am failing to understand something - when creating terrain in Tiled, the tool works perfectly when tile is 16x16, but if it is for example 32x32 - it actually makes strange things. Do anyone have such problem also? It may be my error, I ran through the documentation but failed to see my error. Can we have a bit more examples and more thorough explanation when the tiles are bigger - how to mark them for terrain. 

Respect for the great work.


Hmm, the tile size shouldn't matter at all. Actually the "desert" example map that is set up with terrains as described in the documentation is also 32x32. Please ask for help on the Tiled forum or open an issue on GitHub, and provide screenshots which may help to understand what's going wrong. Thanks!

I think it was my fault, just the map was not of correct kind I guess. When you go in tiled and make new tileset and when you click on palette called tilesets - the program crashes. I detached it and it is floating window now but when you click in it, the program crashes. Anyone had same problem? I haven't made new map yet, only defined the tileset for it.

Best Regards.

I played around a little bit with a floating Tilesets view but didn't run into a crash so far. If you can reproduce the crash, please open an issue about this on GitHub and list the exact steps you're taking. Thanks!

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Amazing tool!

Two issues at the moment:

  1. Is there a way to merge two 'imageCollection' layers? Say, I copy image1 from map1 to map2. Since map2 already contains a 'imageCollection' I ended up with two 'imageCollections', and makes my game crash. Also, is there a way to rename these 'imageCollection' to anything else?
  2. For some reason, deleting more than 3, 4 images makes Tiled crash. This didn't happen on old versions.

Thanks so much for Tiled!


To prevent map2 from gaining another "imageCollection" tileset, it would need to contain exactly the same images as the one in map1. A better way to deal with this situation is to store the image collection tileset in its own file (a .tsx file, generally) and add that collection to both maps. The name "imageCollection" is the name of the tileset that you chose when you created it. It can be changed in the Tileset Properties (menu Tileset > Tileset Properties..., available in tileset editor, which you can open with a little icon below the tileset view).

Regarding the crashing when deleting more than 3 or 4 images, please open an issue about this on GitHub and include the steps to reproduce the crash. Thanks!

I've noticed that if you right-click an Object which is already selected, a lot of the times if the cursor is in the right place it just immediately selects the Duplicate option at the top and closes the context menu; I've accidentally ended up with quite a few clones of objects that I meant to do other stuff with this way.

Anyway, good tool! Integrating it with the other tool(s) I use has been a joy, and I really wish some other game dev utilities could be this easy to use.

this is so helpful! Before I was going insane anytime I needed to make a map 


Thank you very much for your continued work on this incredible tool.  I appreciate that you made this and have contributed it into the world.  I really like the idea of 'name your price'.  Today, I don't have a lot of money to contribute, but I will return to donate once I do.   Thanks to you and your tool, I am excited to begin creating.  Currently getting my feet wet in Corona.  I don't have a lot of experience scripting, but I understand the concepts so far. 

Thank you now I try to install

Why when I try to install tiled for windows 10 it tells me "do you want to allow this app to make changes to the device"? 

Can someone help me?


On Windows, installing Tiled is essentially changing your system, so such a warning could be expected. I think you can just say yes.

This is expected on Windows. Exe ciles contaning setup in its name, by default ask for elevation.

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Awesome tool! Does the terrain or Wang systems support 45-degree walls like in this tileset? I can't seem to figure that out.

I don't think you can get the terrain or Wang systems to help you place such diagonal walls. You may be able to do it using AutoMapping rules though.


Hey man, I made and released this tileset specifically for Tiled


Is there a tip jar that I can chuck bux into after giving this a shot, making sure it's the right tool for the jerb?


First of all thanks for your interest in supporting me! Indeed there are several tip jars, the easiest being to pay for Tiled on, which you can also do after you have already downloaded and tried it. There's also Patreon, which allows you to set up a small monthly donation and in return receive updates on what I've been up to as well as an orange nick on the Tiled Discord server!

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Linux update not working. It is download 3 days to same patch. Getting working delete old files and install new.

I assume you were relying on the app for this update? What were the old and new versions? Did the update work for you before, but only broke with this particular release?

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Tiled 1.2.1 (64-bit flatpack) update to latest. Yes update working other programs ass well.

Hmm, I don't maintain the Flatpak release. I think the right place for reporting issues with it is here. And maybe you should try the snap, which I recently updated.

Does Tiled have the ability to take a tile-sheet, split it up into individual tiles, then export that set into individual files? 


No, at the moment Tiled can't perform that operation. You can do it with ImageMagick though, using the -crop option.

Tiled is compatible with Unity 2019?

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Tiled as such has no direct connection to Unity, but there are several solutions for bringing your Tiled map to Unity, both free and commercial. That list is a little outdated though. I think most people are using SuperTiled2Unity, which has comprehensive support for Tiled's features, uses the latest Unity features and is actively maintained.

I already used SuperTiled2Unity but I could not export the map

Seanba requests that issues with SuperTiled2Unity are reported on GitHub.


Linux support is greatly appreciated!


Hi! I just made a donation, this looks like a great piece of software. I can't find a way to edit the tiles themselves on a pixel-by-pixel-basis! Is there functionality for this? 


First off thanks for your donation! Unfortunately, I may have to disappoint since this program is only a level editor, not an image editor. For editing tile graphics I'd recommend using a dedicated image editor like GIMP or Photoshop. You can use Tiled to preview and try out your tiles as you paint them, since it generally reloads the image automatically when it changes.


I'm happy to support projects like this! 

It would be great if you could consider some simple pixel paint functionality at some point. I find that theres a lot of back-and-forth into the tileset when creating a map, so it would be nice to just do minor tweaks without opening another package. Also, at the moment I am upgrading the tileset of a vintage game, the tiles are a mess and its almost impossible to understand them without seeing the changes in the map, and seeing which tiles goes where in realtime.

I know that doing a pixel-editor can open a can of worms in terms of functionality, but some basic pixel placing would be enough I think :)

I use!

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I have tried to download Tiled using itch client and i'm unable to open it after download. What am I doing wrong please?

 Here is the log:

[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.551] [launch] itch 23.6.3 launching game 28768: Tiled Map Editor

[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.552] [launch] looking for manifest @ "C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tiled Map Editor\.itch.toml"
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.554] [launch] No manifest found (no '.itch.toml' file in top-level directory). Proceeding with heuristics.
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.602] [configure] configuring C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tiled Map Editor
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.554] [launch] launching prepare for native
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.614] [configure] native-configure yielded execs: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.555] [prepare/native] launching windows-prereqs
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.616] [configure/compute-size] computing size of C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tiled Map Editor
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.559] [windows-prereqs] no manifest, nothing to do
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.566] [launch/native] cave location: "appdata/Tiled Map Editor"
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.571] [launch/native] no manifest action picked
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.572] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.587] [launch/poker] candidates after poking: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.587] [launch/poker] candidates after sorting: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.587] [launch/native] reconfiguring because still no candidates after poker
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.911] [configure] total size of C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tiled Map Editor: 0 bytes (0 bytes)
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.915] [launch/native] cave location: "appdata/Tiled Map Editor"
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.915] [launch/native] no manifest action picked
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.916] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.916] [launch/poker] candidates after poking: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.916] [launch/poker] candidates after sorting: []
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.917] [launch/native] no candidates after poker and reconfiguration, giving up
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.918] [launch] error while launching 70d47880-f033-4462-ad70-ca64ed0ba48d: No executables found (without manifest)
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.920] [launch] crashed with No executables found (without manifest)
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.920] [launch] No executables found (without manifest)
[2019-03-01 @ 09:36:16.920] [diego] diego here, looking around
Caption                             OSArchitecture  Version     
Microsoft Windows 10 Professionnel  64-bit          10.0.18342  

Caption                                MaxClockSpeed  Name                                       
Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9  2808           Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz  

NVIDIA Quadro M620        
Intel(R) HD Graphics 630  


Please trim your message. Your log is very long because you have included 5 failed launch attempts that all look pretty much the same.

The problem appears to be that the itch app is not able to find any executables. Maybe something went wrong when installing Tiled. In that case please try deinstalling _all versions_ of Tiled (also make sure no Tiled is mentioned in the "Add/Remove Software" Windows settings panel), and then install Tiled again.

(1 edit) (+1)

 Thanks for your reply and i apologize for the long message. I simply copy the whole content of the log file without much thinking. 

I will do as you say and let you know how it goes.  Maybe my installation got corrupted at some point. I hope that cleaning everything and installing it back will fix the issue.

EDIT: everything works fine now. Thank you for pointing me on the right direction.

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