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The download links here are all messed up. The one labeled as 32-bit Windows points to 64-bit Windows, the one labeled as 64-bit Windows points to OS X, and the one labeled to OS X points to what looks like source code. Could you fix this, please?

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It's fixed now. It was due to a bug in, that I have reported now.


very good software thanks


Nice free and open source :D


great tool


Yes, please!


I can highly recommend using this software. I have been a game dev since the stone ages (1988) and this has become an essential way to create and export tile maps. So much time saved. Love it!

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Are there any tutorials on getting this to work with Unity? "Unity3D tiled" is not a very good google search.

edit: JK! Found the forum, so that's a duh, "of course there are." Now the question is to curate the best ones. I'll dig around myself, but help is always appreciated.


I think Tiled2Unity is probably what you're looking for. It's up to date with Tiled's features and well maintained. There are a bunch of other options though, which may be more suitable depending on your needs.

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Back when I still used Unity I found UTiled to be the most convenient free option. It has its limitations but suited my needs at the time.

I switched to Urho3D a year ago which has built-in TMX support through C++ classes. It's library is very similar to Unity's yet allowed me to return to Linux.


one of the best game dev tools in the WORLD :)


Been using Tiled for a few projects of mine, really happy to see it here!


Awesome, glad to see this on

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