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Does this work on all game engines, and all programming languages?

I just downloaded it, and I kinda don't know how to use it. Can someone teach me how? Because I'm 12 and I am currently making an rpg game, and I'm using love2d game engine and lua for programming language.. Thank you.


Tiled makes no assumptions about your programming language or engine. Of course, for some programming languages or engines there will already be Tiled support out of the box and for others you will have to code a loader for Tiled's map and tileset files yourself.

Tiled can export to Lua, so that saves you from having to write any parser code. And for Love2D, there is the Simple Tiled Implementation which helps you with rendering your map.


Oh, I really appreciate that, I just didn't know lots of things about these game engines, once again, thank you for your help.

Onut also supports loading Tiled maps and can be used by the Javascript side, or C++ side. It is chunked for optimization. It also supports the base64 and zip export formats. You can draw layers individually, fetch entities from object layers, etc. But it doesn't support tiles animation and image layer.


That's great! I've finally gotten around to adding it to the list of frameworks. :-)

Is there anyway to run Tiled on a Chromebook? Want to use it to teach some kids and they all have chromebooks.

Hmm, I guess there would be three options:

  • Compile Qt for Google Native Client and then compile Tiled against that version of Qt, in order to eventually have something that you may be able to distribute to Chrome browsers. Not an easy project and making Tiled usable in that environment will likely require additional changes.
  • Install a Linux desktop alongside Chrome OS, so you can install Tiled there. Note this should not be read as a recommendation to do it.
  • Use a remote desktop application to access Tiled installed on another computer.

Please assist, how can I import a json level into tiled?

If it's a Tiled map in JSON format, you should be able to just open it by going to File -> Open. If the file type filter is too specific, change it to "All Files" or "Json map files". If your JSON level is not actually a Tiled map, then you'd need to convert it first or write a custom importer.

how to change language?

You can change it in the Preferences:


I purchased Tiled today for a new project after using it to help make this successful project a few years ago for the 2014 Steam Carnival in Long Beach:


Tiled is a truly wonderful program. It is also how I discovered the itch service. Bravo!


I appreciate your effort on doing this software. My team used it two years ago for a University game project, Element Supremacy. Me and the other programmer just thought to the game logic while the three designers were free to use Tiled to create the maps with the arts created by themselves.

Now after two years I am using it again for another project :)


Thank you for your work, Sorry I was not able to donate more than $1 at this time, the small donation in no way reflects how I view your time and efforts. Thank you for your hard work you put into this. I hope it helps me move ahead with my project(s).

Hello kind sir ! Me and a friend of mine have started working on a Java RPG game, and Tiled helps a lot, so many thanks ! However, we're working on a black&white RPG, or more like white&black actually... and with the background being mostly black and our tiles being mostly white, it makes selecting them in the tile editor a huge pain ! Would you be so kind as to maybe have an alternative color for the background of the tile editor ? Thanks much ! (we donated, too !)


Hey Hordecall, first of all thanks for your donation! About your problem, I assume you've already tried changing the base color of the theme? This also affects the tile palette background somewhat (if you're on macOS, change to "Tiled Fusion" theme first). Another option is to try a development build where I've coded a background color option per-tileset, though unfortunately it's a little unstable at the moment. You can find the latest build for Windows here.


I used Tiled to design the levels in Depth of Extinction! Really love your product for making levels in Unity (and the Tiled2Unity plugin of course).

I also have been using tiled2unity, I started a project out of it with some small improvements:

What's the benefit if I already have tiled2unity set up? I actually use tiled2unity Lite as I am on a Mac and just prefer it since it removes the intermediate application as well.

Right now there would not be any big difference, what I did was to move all the importing process into Unity instead of having an external tool like tiled2unity or tiled2unity Lite, so Unity Editor takes the TMX file an does all the process that tiled2unity used to do externaly. There is still an XML file generated by tiled2unity, that's my next objective to remove that file then you would always have only your tmx file in the unity project. In my opinion the usage of TMX file inside Unity would be more clear an transparent since the workflow would be very similar to importing a FBX file for a 3d model.


Awesome update! For those of you wanting is see some of these features in action, checkout 1-800-Monsters. You can even explore the resources in here and actually edit these maps.

Thanks! I'll be sure to check out your maps. In the meantime, I've added your game to the Games made with Tiled collection. :-)


FYI: Some of these games used Tiled such as Tangent and Shuriken. I checked them myself.

Thanks! I've added them to the collection. :-)

I am slightly confused on how software like this works. Is this compatible with all game making programs, or is it just a plugin to some other program?


Tiled is a standalone program. It is used to create map files that can then be used in your game engine to load up maps. I wouldn't necessarily say that it is compatible with "all" game making programs but a lot of engines have Tiled support out of the box. Programmers can write a Tiled Loader in their favorite programming language.


Thank you. Actually a couple of minutes ago I figured out that my game maker engine has a tiled based system that I have no idea how to use. I might use this program now :D.

Thanks for the wonderful software!

Hi!I bought Tiled map editor.

&I wont get this tile map.where can i buy?

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You cannot buy these maps, but you can find free assets and create them yourself.


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Thanks for the wonderful software! It fits well for my game, Legacy Bits, which is being developed using HaxeFlixel. Gonna send money if the game goes well one day.

Also found something which seems a glitch. When I put an object with image (Insert Tile) in Objects Layer, the Y value was increased by that tile height (in my case, the Y was 16, which supposed to 0). The X is correct. Had to do object.y += 16 to get correctly placed in the game.


That is not a glitch but an unfortunate inconsistency in where the objects are anchored. Whereas rectangle objects have their origin in the top-left, the tile objects have their origin in the bottom-left (or even bottom-center, in the case of isometric maps). At some point in the future I'd like to unify all this.

Thanks for the reply.

Will there be an option to change the anchor in the future?

Probably. There's a related issue on GitHub about having the anchor in the center. I'm just not sure exactly where to put this option yet.

After giving this software a good try, I will probably send money if I like it. For now, I've only read good things about it and must assume it's handy!

You're welcome to! Of course Tiled won't fit everybody's project, but feedback is always appreciated and I'm continuously working to improve it.

Can I build a time machine from tiled?


That's something you'll need to implement in your game / engine. You can use Tiled to set custom properties, for example to configure where the time machine will take you.

is it compatible with gamemaker studio ?

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It doesn't directly save/load GameMaker files, but there are some conversion tools available for converting Tiled maps to GameMaker rooms. There is a discussion about adding support for GameMaker on the Tiled forums.

game maker hahahaha

Actually since recently the Tiled snapshots can export maps to GameMaker: Studio room files!

I'm not sure if this is just me, but I am getting a bug when I maximize the program (Win10). Tried unistalling and reinstalling, and changing 32 and 64 bit, but no fix. Making it difficult to switch which screen I have it on. Do enjoy the software though!

This is a known issue that will be gone once Qt 5.6.1 is released and Tiled is compiled against that version. In the meantime, it usually helps to close the Maps view while doing the resize, since the crash is related to the rendering of the file icons.

The download links here are all messed up. The one labeled as 32-bit Windows points to 64-bit Windows, the one labeled as 64-bit Windows points to OS X, and the one labeled to OS X points to what looks like source code. Could you fix this, please?

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It's fixed now. It was due to a bug in, that I have reported now.


very good software thanks


Nice free and open source :D


great tool


Yes, please!


I can highly recommend using this software. I have been a game dev since the stone ages (1988) and this has become an essential way to create and export tile maps. So much time saved. Love it!

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Are there any tutorials on getting this to work with Unity? "Unity3D tiled" is not a very good google search.

edit: JK! Found the forum, so that's a duh, "of course there are." Now the question is to curate the best ones. I'll dig around myself, but help is always appreciated.


I think Tiled2Unity is probably what you're looking for. It's up to date with Tiled's features and well maintained. There are a bunch of other options though, which may be more suitable depending on your needs.

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Back when I still used Unity I found UTiled to be the most convenient free option. It has its limitations but suited my needs at the time.

I switched to Urho3D a year ago which has built-in TMX support through C++ classes. It's library is very similar to Unity's yet allowed me to return to Linux.


one of the best game dev tools in the WORLD :)


Been using Tiled for a few projects of mine, really happy to see it here!


Awesome, glad to see this on

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