Tiled 1.9.1 Released

This patch releases addresses a few serious issues in Tiled 1.9, including a crash when removing a custom property without having a project loaded. Upgrading is highly recommended!

For Linux users, I’m sorry for breaking the “snap”. Due to a lack of testing I published a build that would not run at all. This release fixes that as well.

In general, I’m sorry for the wait on the patch release this time. Bad timing to release a new major version just before leaving on holiday! I had intended to finish 1.9 a little earlier, but next time I run out of time I should probably delay the release.


  • Fixed properties-related crash when having no project loaded
  • Fixed loading of custom tile image rectangles (#3405)
  • Fixed loading of member values for nested classes (#3414)
  • Fixed visibility of “Move Object to Layer” sub-menu (#3417)
  • Fixed shadow offset for other maps in a world (#3429)
  • Fixed class dropdown to update immediately when changing custom types (#3398)
  • Fixed deleting an overridden property to not make it disappear (#3409)
  • Scripting: Added TilesetsView.currentTilesetChanged
  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading image layer “repeatx/y” properties (by Jene Litsch, #3428)
  • snap: Fixed startup error due to missing libQt5Concurrent.so.5 (#3408)
  • AppImage: Use custom AppRun that can call all binaries (by Philipp Seiler, #3415)
  • AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.5.0
  • Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese translations


Many thanks to all who’ve reported issues or enabled the crash reporting feature, and of course to everybody who supports Tiled development with a donation!

If you enjoy using Tiled and have not donated yet, please consider a small monthly donation through GitHub or other platforms. With your support I can keep improving this tool!


Tiled installer for Windows (64-bit) 20 MB
Version 1.9.1 Aug 11, 2022
Tiled installer for Windows (32-bit) 20 MB
Version 1.9.1 Aug 11, 2022
Tiled for macOS 16 MB
Version 1.9.1 Aug 11, 2022
Tiled for Linux 39 MB
Version 1.9.1 Aug 11, 2022

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