Dynamic Wrapping Tileset View

Apart from some important additional scripting API for tile layer editing tools, this snapshot adds a new dynamic wrapping mode to the tileset view. This mode is enabled by default for image collection tilesets, but it can also be used with tilesets based on a tileset image. In dynamic wrapping mode, the tiles are scaled to a uniform size.


  • Added dynamic wrapping mode to the tileset view (#1241, #2127, livestreamed)
  • Scripting: Added initial access to tile stamp and tile edit preview
  • Scripting: Added TileMap.merge for applying tile layer edits
  • Moved output chunk size into "editorsettings" section (#2130)
  • Made the shortcuts of some Tileset Editor actions configurable
  • Python plugin: Added Tileset.sharedPointer() function (#2191)
  • Fixed some main window menu icon references (broken in last snapshot)
  • Fixed ability to create new tilesets (broken in last snapshot)

Livestreaming on Twitch

I've recently picked up livestreaming again, this time I'm on Twitch instead of "LiveCoding / LiveEdu / Education Ecosystem". Based on the new scripting features in this snapshot, I've coded a custom rectangle painting tool that helps drawing patches where the center and borders of the brush are repeated while the corner tiles aren't.

I'd love to interact more with viewers while I'm streaming, so if you're interested in participating in future Tiled development livestreams, be sure to follow me on Twitch! I'll probably stream about 2-4 times a week.


Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2019.09.18 Sep 18, 2019
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2019.09.18 Sep 18, 2019
Tiled for macOS (snapshot) 15 MB
Version 2019.09.18 Sep 18, 2019
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2019.09.18 Sep 18, 2019

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