Tiled 1.1 Alpha5 and Documentation

It's another snapshot update and more work has been done on the documentation! I'm happy to say there should be no more outdated information in the manual (though of course there are still things missing). The Getting Started section was finally updated, as was the Terrain Brush chapter. I've also written a page about the various Export Formats.

In this snapshot update, the most noticeable improvement will probably be the behavior of the scroll bars, which now comfortably allow you to scroll past the edge of the map. There is also no more resetting of the view, which was interfering with the editing of infinite maps. With the view resetting fixed, zooming in and out is also more comfortable so the mouse wheel now zooms by default (without needing to hold Control).

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • GmxPlugin: Added support for setting scale and origin for instances (#1427)
  • Improved initial dock widget configuration
  • Tweaked the New Map dialog
  • Fixed a problem with using Terrain Brush on infinite maps
  • Fixed capturing of terrain on infinite maps
  • Fixed extending of the view boundaries for infinite maps (#1727)


  • Added option to zoom by default with mouse wheel (enabled by default) (#1472#1507)

I've done a live-stream while working on some of these changes. Check it out if you're interested, and of course subscribe if you want to get notified when I do another live-stream! :-)


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 22 MB
Version 2017.09.27 Sep 27, 2017
Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2017.09.27 Sep 27, 2017
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2017.09.27 Sep 27, 2017
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2017.09.27 Sep 27, 2017

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Thank you so much! The new features for GameMaker export work perfectly. My levels can be exported, imported and played right away without any edit. My work flow is super smooth now. :)