Tiled 1.3.2 Released

This patch release addresses many smaller issues in Tiled 1.3, the current stable release.

Also, it is the first release where the Windows installer and the contained binaries are signed, though not by me but by SignPath. Hopefully this will help making Windows Defender Smartscreen happy after a few people have downloaded Tiled!


  • Fixed initialization of selected layers (#2719)
  • Fixed stamp action shortcuts not being configurable (#2684)
  • Fixed the tileset view to respect the 'wheel zooms by default' preference
  • Fixed insertion position when using drag-n-drop to rearrange layers
  • Fixed displayed layer data format in Properties
  • Fixed repeating of export when map is saved by a custom command (#2709)
  • Fixed issue when multiple worlds are loaded that use pattern matching
  • Issues view can now be hidden by clicking the status bar counters
  • macOS: Fixed black toolbar when enabling OpenGL rendering (#1839)
  • Windows: Fixed context menus activating first item on release (#2693)
  • Windows installer: Include the 'defoldcollection' plugin (#2677)
  • Windows installer: Signed by SignPath
  • libtiled: Avoid inheriting Properties from QVariantMap (#2679)
  • docs: Added some notes to Python and JavaScript pages (#2725)
  • Updated Qt from 5.12.5 to 5.12.6
  • Updated Finnish translation (by Tuomas Lähteenmäki and odamite)
  • Updated part of Italian translation (by Katia Piazza)

Many thanks to all who've reported issues and of course to everybody who supports Tiled development with a donation!

If you enjoy using Tiled and have not donated yet, be aware that I depend on your support to be able to keep improving this tool. Please consider a small monthly donation through GitHub or other platforms. Thanks!


Tiled installer for Windows 10+ (64-bit) 18 MB
Version 1.3.2 Jan 22, 2020
Tiled for macOS 11+ 34 MB
Version 1.3.2 Jan 22, 2020
Tiled AppImage for Linux (64-bit) 42 MB
Version 1.3.2 Jan 22, 2020

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