Tiled 1.3.4 Released

This is a small bugfixing release, addressing some important issues for those affected.


  • Fixed automatic reload issues when editing object types (regression in 1.3.1, #2768)
  • Scripting: Added methods to get tileset's image size (backported from 1.4, #2733)
  • Scripting: Fixed map.tilesets when 'Embed tilesets' is enabled
  • Fixed the "Fix Tileset" button in the Template Editor
  • macOS: Disabled unified tool bar to avoid repainting issues (#2667)
  • macOS and Linux: Updated Qt from 5.12.6 to 5.12.7

Many thanks to those who've reported issues and of course to everybody who supports Tiled development with a donation!

Update on Tiled 1.4

I don't expect there to be another Tiled 1.3 release, since I'm now fully focused on finishing up Tiled 1.4. Check out the "#snapshot" posts to see what's new and consider installing a development snapshot to try it out. Now is the best time to provide feedback on the new features!

Please note that I depend on your support to be able to keep improving this tool. If you have not donated yet, please consider a small monthly donation through GitHub or other platforms. Thanks!


Tiled installer for Windows (64-bit) 20 MB
Version 1.3.4 Apr 15, 2020
Tiled for macOS 16 MB
Version 1.3.4 Apr 15, 2020
Tiled for Linux 39 MB
Version 1.3.4 Apr 15, 2020

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Great news! My kids love this editor, and are creating levels for our game! Thanks!!!

Thanks, just in time for LudumDare 👍

You are a good person


Thank you so much for your great work on it!!