Improvements to tmxrasterizer, Collision Editor and More

Today’s new development snapshot includes two new options for the tmxrasterizer tool (which can be used to render a tile map to an image). The new --show-layer option allows explicitly specifying which layers should be rendered and the new --advance-animations option allows rendering images at a given time offset for the purpose of creating an animated export. Thanks a lot to Matthias Varnholt and Sean Ballew for these new options!

In addition, two new convenience actions were added to the Tile Collision Editor. The new “Detect Bounding Box” action adds a rectangle object covering the non-transparent part of the tile image. The selected objects context menu gained two actions that can be used to copy the selected collision objects to all other selected tiles, which can really help since editing the collision objects for multiple tiles at once is not supported yet. Thanks to Robin Macharg for the initial work on this!

Finally I made a number of quality of life improvements and fixes, all listed in the changelog below. Thanks a lot to those who reported issues and made suggestions!


Matthias Varnholt

  • tmxrasterizer: Added --show-layer option (#2858)

Robin Macharg

  • Tile Collision Editor: Added action to add an auto-detected bounding box collision rectangle (#1960)
  • Tile Collision Editor: Added context menu action to copy selected collision objects to all other selected tiles (#1960)

Sean Ballew

  • tmxrasterizer: Added parameter to advance animations (#2868)

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • Improved positioning when adding maps to world via context menu
  • Added ability to draw lines using click+drag when holding Shift (in addition to clicking twice)
  • Made Ctrl turn off snapping if Snap to Fine Grid is enabled (#2061)
  • Small tweaks to object context menu
  • Fixed clickability of point objects
  • Fixed adjusting of terrain images when tileset width changes
  • Fixed Select Same Tile tool behavior for empty tiles
  • snap: Added support for zstd compression (#2850)
  • snap: Fixed issues with storing the default session (#2852)
  • Updated AppImage and macOS releases to Qt 5.12.9


Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2020.07.21 Jul 21, 2020
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2020.07.21 Jul 21, 2020
Tiled for macOS (snapshot) 15 MB
Version 2020.07.21 Jul 21, 2020
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2020.07.21 Jul 21, 2020

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