Tiled 1.1 Beta

I called this development snapshot "Tiled 1.1 Beta" because we're getting close to being done with features for the next release. I've mainly been fixing bugs since the previous snapshot.

The most exciting new feature was added by Mohamed, which adds a menu action to replace existing object instances with a template. This should really help when starting to use templates with existing content.

Also noteworthy is that people exporting to GameMaker: Studio 1.4 can now set the "Creation Code" for the map and object instances by using a custom "code" property.

Mohamed Thabet

  • Enable replacing an object with a template (#1793)

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • Added file-related context menu actions to Templates and Tilesets views
  • Added island RPG example map
  • Fixed crash when clicking a non-template file in the Templates view (#1823)
  • Fixed visibility toggle for object layers in Objects view
  • Fixed the Wang tools to take into account tile probability (#1830)
  • Fixed Wang Brush behavior when painting in negative coordinate space
  • Fixed color dialog for picking the Wang color to initialize with current color
  • Fixed updating of strings in the Properties view when changing language
  • GmxPlugin: Added support for setting the creation code


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 17 MB
Version 2017.12.07 9 days ago
Tiled for Windows (64-bit), snapshot 15 MB
Version 2017.12.07 9 days ago
Tiled for Windows XP, snapshot 27 MB
Version 2017.12.07 9 days ago
Tiled for macOS, snapshot 12 MB
Version 2017.12.07 9 days ago
Tiled for Linux (64-bit), snapshot 26 MB
Version 2017.12.07 9 days ago

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