Tiled 1.4.3 Released

This Tiled 1.4 patch release makes sure Tiled runs fine on macOS 11 (Big Sur), but a number of other fixes are included as well.


Here’s the full list of changes since Tiled 1.4.2.

  • Fixed running Tiled on macOS Big Sur (#2845)
  • Fixed opening of files in already open instance of Tiled
  • Fixed crash in Edit Commands dialog (#2914)
  • Fixed Object Alignment not getting set when reloading a tileset
  • Tile Collision Editor: Fixed invisible tile for isometric oriented tileset (#2892)
  • Improved error message when adding external tileset
  • Ignore attempts to replace a tileset with itself
  • qmake: Support linking to system Zstd on all UNIX-like systems
  • Updated Qt to 5.12.10 on all platforms


Many thanks to all who’ve reported issues and of course to everybody who supports Tiled development with a donation!

If you enjoy using Tiled and have not donated yet, please consider a small monthly donation through GitHub or other platforms. I depend on your support to be able to keep improving this tool!


Tiled installer for Windows 10+ (64-bit) 18 MB
Version 1.4.3 Nov 17, 2020
Tiled for macOS 11+ 34 MB
Version 1.4.3 Nov 17, 2020
Tiled AppImage for Linux (64-bit) 42 MB
Version 1.4.3 Nov 17, 2020

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