Multi-Layer Editing and Other Stuff

Multi-Layer Editing

This is a big update since the development branch for multi-layer editing has been merged. This means now you can select more than one layer (using Ctrl or Shift modifiers in the Layers view), and certain operations will work on all these layers. Check out the attached video for a quick demonstration! Supported operations are currently:

  • Stamp Brush captures from all selected tile layers, creating a multi-layer tile stamp. You can draw with it and save it in the Tile Stamps view.
  • Eraser erases tiles from all selected tile layers.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete actions work on all selected tile layers, in addition to the selected objects.
  • Offset Map action can work on all selected layers.
  • "Highlight Current Layer" now highlights all selected layers.
  • Select All action works on all selected layers.

There still remains more work to be done, like adjusting the filling tools and the layer stack related actions, but in the meantime please try it out. I'm eager to hear any feedback!

Simplified JSON Format

In this update, the JSON map format has changed in some backwards-incompatible ways. Tiled supports loading both old and new files, but it will write files only in the new format. On the upside, the changes are minimal and should actually make the format easier to parse:

  • Tileset tiles are now stored in an array instead of an object, with each tile object having an "id" member. Also the tile properties are now part of each tile object.
  • Properties are now stored in an array instead of an object, with the "type" now a member of each property object. This obsoleted annoying members like "tileproperties", "propertytypes" and "tilepropertytypes".

The limited documentation available for this format has been updated.

Many Fixes

This development snapshot also includes the fixes released with Tiled 1.1.2 and a few additional fixes that should soon be included in Tiled 1.1.3. Here is the full list of relevant changes since the last snapshot:

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • Enabled multi-selection in the Layers view
  • Highlight all selected layers instead of just the current one
  • Implemented multi-layer cut/copy/paste/delete
  • Made Select All work for all selected layers
  • Made the Offset Map action work with multiple selected layers
  • Enabled multi-layer editing in the Stamp Brush
  • Enabled multi-layer erasing of tiles
  • Avoid selecting objects from locked layers when using Select All
  • Tweaked logic of finding similar tilesets
  • Switch to tile stamp on press in the Tile Stamps view
  • Templates view: Keep template centered when resizing view
  • Fixed crash when removing a tileset referenced by multiple objects
  • Fixed Invert Selection for non-infinite maps
  • Fixed method determining the set of tilesets used by a tile layer
  • Fixed potential crash on paste
  • Fixed "Offset Map" action for infinite maps (#1866)
  • Fixed tools not being up to date on modifier keys after activation
  • Fixed hang when loading map file with empty layer data
  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading of infinite maps
  • Python plugin: Fixed issues generating Python binding code
  • Linux: Updated AppImage to Qt 5.9.4


  • libtiled-java: Fixed tile offset value not being considered (#1863)


  • JSON plugin: Improved the JSON format (#1868)

Renting a Tiled Office

Earlier this week I was happy to announce that I have rented a small office room where I can work more effectively on Tiled. Thanks to everybody who is supporting me on Patreon or buying Tiled on for making this possible, in addition to allowing me to work on Tiled for two full days a week!


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 22 MB
Version 2018.02.14 Feb 14, 2018
Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2018.02.14 Feb 14, 2018
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2018.02.14 Feb 14, 2018
Tiled for macOS (snapshot) 15 MB
Version 2018.02.14 Feb 14, 2018
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2018.02.14 Feb 14, 2018

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