A Lot Of Bugfixing

In the past three weeks I've been very busy bugfixing. This development update includes all the bugfixes that went into Tiled 1.1.4 and many more that are coming soon with Tiled 1.1.5. Thanks a lot to everybody who reported issues or made suggestions!


Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • Fixed text alignment values appearing at random in Properties view (#1767)
  • Fixed erasing mode of the Terrain Brush
  • Fixed crash after editing a template
  • Fixed rendering of eye/lock icons in Layers view
  • Fixed object index when undoing Move Object to Layer action (#1932)
  • Fixed shortcuts for flipping and rotating objects (#1926)
  • Fixed potential crash when undoing/redoing Wang color changes
  • Fixed dynamic retranslation of tools and tool actions
  • Migrate properties set on tile collision layer to the tile (#1912)
  • Don't reset stamp brush state when pressing Alt
  • Improved fill behavior in case of selection on infinite map (#1921)
  • Hide the Visible property for tile collision objects (#1929)
  • Remove tile collision layer along with the last object (#1230)
  • Adjust Wang tile data when tileset column count changes (#1851)
  • Automapping: Apply rules to selected area when there is one
  • Automapping: Report error when no output layers are found
  • JSON plugin: Made the reader more strict (#1922)
  • docs: Go a little more in-depth about the process of marking corners (#570)
  • docs: JSON format documentation updates (#1924)


  • Switch current layer when clicked in objects dock view (#1931)


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 22 MB
Version 2018.04.18 Apr 18, 2018
Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2018.04.18 Apr 18, 2018
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2018.04.18 Apr 18, 2018
Tiled for macOS (snapshot) 15 MB
Version 2018.04.18 Apr 18, 2018
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2018.04.18 Apr 18, 2018

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When I import maps of mini militia to tiled the objects like guns are not in the right place where it should be.After compiling apk when I open it the new objects are not in the place where I placed it

Please try to contact the developer of Mini Militia about that, because I don't think I can help you with it.