Tiled 1.1.5 Released

The bugfixing continues in this release, to keep Tiled 1.1 from misbehaving as I try to make progress on the eventual release of Tiled 1.2. Unfortunately, one of the fixes was a regression introduced in Tiled 1.1.4. Sorry about that!


  • Fixed erasing mode of the Terrain Brush (broken in 1.1.4)
  • Fixed crash after editing a template
  • Fixed rendering of eye/lock icons in Layers view (now for all platforms)
  • Fixed object index when undoing Move Object to Layer action (#1932)
  • Fixed shortcuts for flipping and rotating objects (#1926)
  • Fixed dynamic retranslation of tools and tool actions
  • Fixed possible crash when undoing/redoing Wang color changes
  • Fixed handling of sub-properties in Object Type Editor (#1936)
  • Fixed crash when deleting an object right before dragging it (#1933)
  • Adjust Wang tile data when tileset column count changes (#1851)
  • Improved fill behavior in case of selection on infinite map (#1921)
  • Removed ability to hide tile collision objects (#1929)
  • Remove tile collision layer along with the last object (#1230)
  • JSON plugin: Made the reader more strict about object types (#1922)
  • JSON plugin: Added support for Wang sets

Many thanks to all who submitted bug reports, as well as to those who support me financially so that I can keep up Tiled development and maintenance!


Tiled installer for Windows (32-bit) 20 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 25, 2018
Tiled installer for Windows (64-bit) 20 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 25, 2018
Tiled for macOS 16 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 25, 2018
Tiled for Linux 39 MB
Version 1.1.5 Apr 25, 2018

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