First Scriptable Development Snapshot

This development snapshot brings the first bit of scripting to Tiled! While the API is still very limited and you can only execute scripts by writing or pasting them into the Console view, it is still a big step forward since many decisions have been made about the exact approach to take.

The API is still entirely undocumented, which will be one of the first things I plan to fix as we extend it further to allow changing all properties and also painting on the map. To see what is currently implemented, check out the ScriptModule (available as "tiled"), EditableMap and EditableLayer classes.


Justin Zheng

  • Fixed label color to update when object layer color is changed (#2019, #1976)
  • Fixed stamp and fill tools to adjust when tile probability is changed (#2025, #1996)

Allan Nordhøy

  • Fixed capitalization of JSON and Wang in some places (#1845)

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • Added support for executing JavaScript in the Console (#949)
  • Python plugin: Made the Tileset API more complete (#2037)
  • Fixed misbehavior when trying to open non-existing files


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 20 MB
Version 2018.11.29 10 days ago
Tiled for Windows (64-bit), snapshot 18 MB
Version 2018.11.29 10 days ago
Tiled for Windows XP, snapshot 18 MB
Version 2018.11.29 10 days ago
Tiled for macOS, snapshot 14 MB
Version 2018.11.29 10 days ago
Tiled for Linux (64-bit), snapshot 29 MB
Version 2018.11.29 10 days ago

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Hi bro, I just tried your latest version of Tiled. I opened the Tiled editor and it opened then closed again. No error message. I googled around and I saw one of your post about deleting the python plugin. When I did that it worked again. I'm a developer so I have quite a few python versions installed. Could that be the problem?

I thought I should let you know.