Polished Shortcut Settings and Upgraded Dependencies

This may be a little boring update, which is partly because we're now in the polishing phase for Tiled 1.3. In the past two weeks, I've made further improvements to the shortcut settings, most importantly to highlight conflicts. I've also spent a lot of time updating the builds for all platforms to Qt 5.12, since that includes some major updates to the scripting engine (and actually makes the scripted tool example in the documentation work now).

The update to Qt 5.12 does unfortunately mean that support for macOS 10.10 and 10.11 is no longer available: macOS 10.12 or higher is now required. If this affects too many people that can't upgrade, I'll consider making a special build available, like I've done for Windows XP.

In the next update I plan to focus on the support for scripting again, since a lot of work still remains in that area.


  • Added actions to show/hide and lock/unlock the selected layers (as opposed to other layers)
  • Added highlighting of conflicts in keyboard shortcut settings
  • Added error message when trying to load an invalid shortcuts file
  • Added triggering of recording shortcut by double-clicking anywhere on a row, and by pressing Enter
  • Added handling of Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown/Enter keys while focus is in shortcut search filter
  • Fixed shortcut search filter to search all columns
  • Fixed Windows native style when Tiled is compiled against Qt >= 5.10 (#1977)
  • Documentation: Many improvements to the JSON format documentation, which should now cover all properties
  • Updated Windows, macOS and Linux builds from Qt 5.9 to 5.12
  • Updated C++ language version from C++11 to C++14


Tiled for Windows (32-bit), snapshot 22 MB
Version 2019.05.08 May 08, 2019
Tiled for Windows 64-bit (snapshot) 24 MB
Version 2019.05.08 May 08, 2019
Tiled for Windows XP (snapshot) 19 MB
Version 2019.05.08 May 08, 2019
Tiled for macOS (snapshot) 15 MB
Version 2019.05.08 May 08, 2019
Tiled for Linux (snapshot) 35 MB
Version 2019.05.08 May 08, 2019

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