Sunsetting Windows 32-bit Builds

I'll soon be removing the Windows 32-bit build for modern versions of Windows. Removing the build speeds up the builds on AppVeyor and cleans up the list of versions to choose from.

Those using the app and using this 32-bit version will want to switch over to make sure they stay up-to-date. In this case, I recommend explicitly uninstalling the previous version before installing the new version, since I'm pretty sure the installer will mess up otherwise.

Are you still on a 32-bit version of Windows? Don't despair! The Windows XP build is 32-bit as well and will remain available! However, it may not support all new features (in particular, some of the new scripting features are not available in the Windows XP version).

That said, if anybody really needs a Windows 32-bit build other than the Windows XP version, let me know since I can always reconsider this decision.

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Note that in the meantime, 32-bit builds are again available in addition to Windows XP builds, but Windows XP builds will no longer be provided starting with Tiled 1.9.

Just did a fresh OS install on my pc and noticed I couldn't use the latest Tiled. Both my Windows 7 and 10 computers are 32-bit. Glad you at least offer an XP 32-bit version. Thanks!

Just wondering, is your computer actually still 32-bit or did you install a 32-bit operating system for some other reason? At least for desktops I think you'd need to have a Pentium 4 or earlier to still be limited to 32-bit. But I'm glad the Windows XP version helps you, just be aware that not everything works regarding the scripting support (I should probably add a warning about this to the manual).

The two Windows 10 computers I bought from HP just a couple of years ago came with a 32-bit OS. The Windows 7 install CD is 32-bit as well. Funny thing is, all the processors are 64-bit. Microsoft probably just should of made Windows 10 64-bit only if that's the move everyone wants to make. I personally don't see the benefit of 64-bit unless you really need a lot of memory. Gaming, 4K editing, 3D rendering, and so forth. Anyways, it looks like 32-bit will still be around for a while if Microsoft is going to sell/distribute a 32-bit OS.